Sonja O'Brien

Children's Book about The Burren

This was one of the most enjoyable projects I did in 2013. I was asked by Sonja O’Brien to design her book about the animals of the Burren. The story is about a couple of animals that try to get more visitors to their beloved Burren in County Care, but by doing so they find out that more people means more rubbish. So they decide to produce a booklet that teaches the people how to take care about their environment.

The project included a lot of image editing. The original images were painted on board and needed to be scanned and some of them edited to accommodate text. The back cover has a die cut that holds the actual booklet the animals produced with tips about how to take care of your environment. So you get a book inside a book.

The rather long title came from the fact that all animals wanted to have a say in what had to be in the title 😉

The book is printed by Standard Printers Galway on 24 x 31cm sustainable paper. It’s available from the Cliffs of Moher visitor centre and directly from the author Sonja O’Brien.

Sonja O’Brien

print production
image editing


Children's Book Design
Children's Book Design
Children's Book Design
Children's Book Design
Children's Book Design

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