WordPress and Custom Posts


A new installation of WordPress has two types of content. You can create Posts or Pages. The difference between the two is that Posts are generally more dynamic. You can categorize Posts in such a way that a website visitor can list your Posts per category. They are usually displayed in a list with the latest Post at the top. Each Post in this list has typically a small image, a title, metadata like category, date published and author and a short description or excerpt of the main content. When a visitor clicks on the title or image they will go to the full Post.

Pages are used for more permanent information like the about us page. They can be ordered in a hierarchy with parent and child pages, but can’t be categorized.

Both content types have in common that you can give each one a title and create the main text and insert photos or other media. Creating a new Post or Page is a bit like filling in a form. You enter a title and in the text editor you enter the main text and photos. You can tick boxes to tell WordPress to which category the Post belongs and add special featured images for the list display. But what if you need to enter more data? In that case I can create one or more Custom Post Types for you.

Custom Posts

The best way to explain what you can do with a Custom Post type is to give an example of what I created for one of my clients; the West Clare Drama Festival.

Example of a WordPress custom post created for West Clare Drama Festival

The West Clare Drama Festival organizes two festivals each year where full length plays by Irish and international writers are performed by amateur groups from all around the country. To list these plays I made a couple of custom posts for them. Each play has its own title, main text about the play and a featured image much like a normal WordPress post. But the festival needed to display more data like the name of the performing group and a description of the group, the play’s author and the date of the play. The festival’s webmaster now only has to enter this data for each new play and it will automatically be posted on the website in a nicely ordered list.

You can just think about numerous examples of when to use these custom post types. For instance, you could list books with authors and publish date, or a list of businesses in your village as you can see on doonbeginfo.com.

These custom post types are available in my Custom WordPress Package.