Using WordPress in Innovative Ways

I created WordPress packages that offer you extra features to your website. I have chosen these features based on what is used most often in websites like an events calendar, appointment and accommodation booking systems, learning management systems, e-commerce features to sell products and services online and online forms.

There is a lot more I can create for you with WordPress and in this post I want to explore some features you might not have thought about.


This can be an ideal solution for freelancers and small businesses. Use your WordPress website to invoice your clients for your services. You can keep track of payments, collect payments online at PayPal or any other payment gateway. Send automatic reminders and even create recurring invoices. At the end of the year you can export your invoices to an excel spreadsheet.

Online Quotations

I have used this feature on my website. It will enable you to show your visitors an online quote for your services. It is especially useful for businesses whose quotations depend on different factors and products. Your website visitor can select one or more products/services, get an online quote and if they have an interest in your services they can fill in a form and request for an official quote.

This online quotation feature also allows for conditional logic. This means that if someone selects option A they will go to a different page than when they would have selected option B.

Live Chat Customer Support

A great feature to enhance your customer service. It allows you to answer potential customers’ questions in real time with a chat function. I also use live chat on this website.¬†You can try it out by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner. You can assign separate operators to answer questions and keep a record of chats.

Online Knowledge Base

To share manuals, downloads and give online customer support you can use WordPress as an online knowledge base for your business. You can create manuals, upload pdf documents to your website and give customer support with a ticketing system, where your customers can lodge support requests. You can view Artvaark Design’s Support website with a knowledge base here to get an idea.

Social Content Locker

Do you wish to give your website visitor something extra? This is a great idea to attract new visitors to your website. However, instead of asking to get paid for this you can ask your visitors to like your website first before they can access this extra content. Imagine you are a photographer who wants to give a few photos away for free. Before a website visitor can download a photo, they first have to like the website on Facebook or Twitter before they can access the photo. This would increase your social shares and it’s a small thing to ask for. So pay with a Like or Tweet.

Classified Ads

I can create a fully functional classified ads website for you, just like DoneDeal or You can try to compete with these two, but it would be a better idea to find a niche market. You can make income from these classified ads by asking visitors to pay for advertising on your website.